Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation High School  – William C. Florence, Jr. Scholarship

In the spirit of BASS Nation Members across Alabama who strive to represent not only their club and community but also becoming a future leader representing fishermen and working towards these goals in their education.


Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation – Unrestricted Scholarship Program

Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation funds three to six unrestricted scholarships per year. These
scholarships allow the recipient some latitude in selecting the school and curriculum of their
choice. Each scholarship is between $500 to $1500 for a single recipient per year. These
scholarships are offered on a competitive basis to an ABN HS member, B.A.S.S. and ABN
memberships must be current and up-to-date before application is accepted.

In either case, applicants may either be an entering freshman or they may be currently enrolled in a two or four year college or technical school.


Guidelines for Applying for an ABN High School Scholarship

Unrestricted Scholarships Guidelines:

A) Annually, ABN will offer total of $6,000 in unrestricted scholarships with six $1,000
scholarships to an ABN High School member Members’ B.A.S.S. and ABN memberships
must be current and up-to-date before application is accepted.

B) A qualified applicant must:
1) Be an active ABN High School member
2) Meet the ACT/SAT entrance requirements of the specific school. In addition,
ACT/SAT scores will be considered in the selection process.
3) Include the following, a:
✓ Cover letter,
✓ Resume, including a list of extra curricular activities
✓ Transcript of their grades including ACT Test scores
✓ Any other appropriate information
4) In addition, the applicant must submit a one page written/typed essay titled “Why I’m
Pursuing a College Degree.” It should delineate the following :
a) Why they have chosen to attend their school;
b) Why they chose their major (or college if major not currently determined); and
c) Their career goals and objectives.

D. No more than one eligible child from a member’s family may be a scholarship recipient at
any given time.

E. Scholarship applications must be submitted to the ABN HS Director by May 15th 2023. He
will remove all personal information to allow the committee a blind, non-biased ranking of
the scholarship applicants.

F. Scholarships recipients may resubmit for the following year.

G. Scholarships are awarded by the Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation’s sole discretion.

H. ABN may revise or revoke this program at its sole discretion.

The ABN scholarship committee is made up of three regional directors from throughout the state.
Questions concerning applications should be mailed to:
Darrel High, current Scholarship
Committee Chairperson at P.O. 3084 Auburn, Al. 36831

Scholarship winners will be announced the first week of June at our ABN High School
State Championship each year