We are excited to be participating with Big Bite Baits on their Cast, Catch and Convert Campaign efforts.

We will collect recycled plastics at our tournaments to save on Shipping costs as we will deliver directly to Big Bite Baits. However you can participate individually as well. Please follow instructions carefully as minimum shipments are 10 lbs. and must be sorted out to make sure specific brands are not included in the recycling program.

Hello fellow Conservation Directors, Presidents, and Youth Directors,
I am pleased to announce that we are officially launching the Cast, Catch, Convert campaign
with Big Bite Baits. Your state has been chosen to participate in collecting soft and shipping soft
baits to BBB in Eufaula, AL. The soft plastics that each state ships to BBB is part of a recycling
program they already have in place with an outside vendor who then recycles the plastics and
uses them for the soles of tennis shoes.
Ralph Sweat, the former IBN president, worked with the American Sportfishing Association on
the “Pitch It” program several years ago while he was president of the IBN. Ralph spent
countless hours collecting plastics, melting them down into molds and using the finished
products in plaques and new baits that he would hand out at tournaments.
In exchange for your participation each of the twelve states selected will get 500 bags (6,000
total) of new bait sample packs mailed to the Conservation Director of each state to be used at
their discretion to encourage anglers to recycle their soft baits. Brandon Ray from BBB will
coordinate shipping recycled baits back to BBB to utilize their lower shipping rates. Please make
sure your shipments are a minimum of 10 pounds.
We cannot accept the following soft baits: Berkley Powerbait, Gulp, MaxScent or Zman
plastics (stretchy plastics) It is very important you sort out these baits!
Please send me an email (jill@jillphoto.com) to let me know that you received this email and
would like for your state to participate. You can call/text me with any questions regarding the
program as well. If you have any specific questions regarding shipping please reach out to
Brandon Ray from BBB at brandon@bigbitebaits.com
With the Cast, Catch, Convert campaign I aim to change the mindset of anglers both young and
old to not only keep plastics out of the water, but also out of our landfills where they can be
converted and given a second life.
Thank you for your support,
Jill Wijangco
Conservation Director Illinois Bass Nation jill@jillphoto.com
773.469.5079 – cell