About ABNHS.org

The Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation understands the important role that youth plays in the continued growth and preservation of bass fishing – and also the important role we, as anglers, can provide in enhancing youngsters appreciation of the great outdoors and what our state has to offer in the way of fishing recreational activities. We take seriously the duty and responsibility we have in helping to build leadership capabilities in our youth and the integrity that will serve them well in later life.

The Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation has a Youth Director that is dedicated to providing the youth of our state with the opportunity to become involved, at an early age, in fishing enjoyment through our Chapter Clubs.



Want to create a High School or Youth/Junior Bass Team?

We can help!

Complete your school’s requirements to become an official organization on campus. If your school will not allow you to form an official team, then club will need official denial letter signed by principal or faculty member of institution releasing them from any liability as it pertains to functions and club activities. The go to https://www.bassmaster.com/news/high-school-registration to officially register you team. Clubs formed and affiliated with B.A.S.S. will fall under B.A.S.S. Nation insurance policy with teams that have 100% active memberships.

Here are a few other details you will need to know in starting a bass fishing team:

Have a faculty advisor or a official team coach assigned to your Youth/High School club.

Have a minimum of two anglers, all members must be affiliated with B.A.S.S., whether they are competing or not. Cost per member is $10. This ONLY includes your B.A.S.S. Nation membership. Each angler is required to have a BASSMASTER Membership as well at $10 Annually.  

Please Note: Alabama BASS Nation High School does have an Annual State Due for its members which includes all sanctioned trails in the state. The annual state due is $10 per angler and will need to be paid during the preregistration process in September. We do request that teams notify us to update status for BASS Roster system as PAID once all High School/Youth members are in ACTIVE Status with Club on the BASSMASTER Roster system.

After B.A.S.S. rosters are updated and 100% Active with its memberships, Nations dues paid and State dues are paid Clubs are now eligible to compete in our Alabama BASS Nation Team Trail Events as well as other affiliated High School Trails and B.A.S.S. Open tournaments.