UPDATED 8/6/2020

How to Quality for 2020-2021 Season
New Changes from B.A.S.S. and BASS Nation on how you now qualify for National Championship for the High School Division only. See all these change in our Regional Qualifiers, Anglers of the Year and Ala. BASS Nation High School State Championship for 2020-2021 Tournament Season.

Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation High School Team Trail Nationals Composition

Alabama Bass Nation membership that would compete in B.A.S.S. Nation High School National Championship  (High School)

Based on 8 Regionals / 1 High School State Championship / Total Number of BASS Nation members Participating During the Year

  • Angler of the Year- Based on 800 (Active Members)            4
    1st & 2nd Place  AOY Teams from each Division qualify
  • Top 4  (2-Angler Teams) State Championship
    Which would be 1st  thru 4th Place Teams                             4


  • Winning 6 – Man Team from State Championship                 3
    Based on member participation submitted to BASS



800 Active members divided by 100 will give us 8 spots plus 2 Automatic spots for ABN HS State Championship and signed Team Trail Agreement will receive 1 additional spot – Total 11  
  • ABN High School State Championship  1st – 2nd Place -AUTO 2    
  • Signed Team Trail Agreement will receive 1 Spot –      AUTO 1 
  • 1 berth per 100 members • Sanctioned Trail must have 4 tournaments

Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation High School Team Trail State Championship

How Teams Qualify for State Championship based on Results listed below:

Individual (NEW CHANGE)

  • 2-Man Teams may qualify to our Championship by finishing in the TOP 80 AOY Results in both Divisions based on best 3 finishes out of the 4 Regional Qualifiers in the ABNHS Team Trail (HS Only)


 6 man High School Team:

  • 6-Man Team Qualification – We take the Top 3 (6-man teams) from each of the 8 Regionals to the ABN High School State Championship.

Please note:  Top 3 Teams from  Regional can advance to State Championship to Compete in 6 man Team competition. We will not drop down for double qualifiers.


Junior Division:

  • Junior Teams compete in same Division as High School Teams
  • Assigned Only Must compete in 2 Regional Tournaments within same division to Qualify for Junior State unless approved by Youth Director.
  • Top 2 Teams from ABN Jr State will Qualify for Jr. National Championship



Teams may change fishing partners during the tournament season, however your (AOY) Angler of the Year points will start over. Teams that are near the top in the Points may elect to fish alone with an observer to maintain points for the AOY.

Only teams competing in ABN HS Trail as a registered and current BASS Nation member or Youth Club are eligible for the ABN HS State Championship by Qualifications listed above.



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