Dear ABNHS Family, we have been in communication with Governor Ivey’s Office and it has been determined from the announcements over the weekend that we will be following the advisement and will be cancelling all ABNHS tournaments in April and May. This decision is also based on communication with our parent organization Bassmaster as well. Pending direction and guidelines of the situation going forward, we will review any tournaments for June.

Please know that we understand what an emotional loss this causes to our Anglers, Coaches, Schools and Our Staff. We promise to do everything possible to continue our season but are limited to the escalating situation around us currently. We are following the protocol that is set forward by the State Department of Education because many of our teams are affiliated with their schools and under their athletic programs.  We will begin issuing refunds for payments that were received online as soon as possible and checks from Lay Lake and Pickwick were not deposited and will be mailed back.

Now is the time to be a mentor and as supportive as possible to our student anglers. We as a staff are emotional concerning this decision because we strive to create a competitive outlet for our anglers, but we know in our hearts this is the decision we need to make.

Thank you for your understanding, ABNHS Staff

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